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How Long Do Hard Disk Drives Really Last?

b2ap3_thumbnail_hddlast400.jpgIt's important to understand how long your hard drive will last so you can minimize the risk of data loss from a drive failure. Disk hard drives are made up of tiny parts with platters that rotate at thousands of RPMs, which makes it the most vulnerable component of your PC. How much life is left on your server's hard drive?

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The 5 Most Common Causes of Data Loss

b2ap3_thumbnail_PCleak400.jpgThe majority of businesses that experience data loss will not recover. You may think that, if you are careful, then you will not need a backup solution, but statistics say otherwise. A 2009 study by revealed that 46% of users experience data loss every year! This figure makes sense when you consider the five most common factors of data loss.

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How to Optimize Your PC’s Startup Speeds

b2ap3_thumbnail_SpeedStart400.jpgDuring the first week of PC ownership, you may have felt like the guy from the old Maxwell stereo ads being 'blown away' with your blazing start-up speeds. The "Wow Factor" eventually wore off, and after a year or two, your computer's start-up speed may have slowed down. What happened, and how can you again be blown away?

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Are PC Performance Advancements Slowing Down?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Upgrade400.jpgThe need to regularly upgrade computer hardware has changed in the past decade. For the longest time, it seemed like you could only get a few years out of a computer before it needed a replacement or a major upgrade in order to handle the newest software. Today, many new applications are designed to accommodate older computers. Why is this?

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Rack 'Em Up! Get More from Your Servers

b2ap3_thumbnail_InkCartridge400.jpgIt is likely that you spent a lot of time and energy picking out a server that is right for your business; but have you taken any time to consider how you will store your server? Keeping your important hardware on a server rack is a great way to get the most out of your server.

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    What an incredible year 2015 was here at Help Desk Cavalry. We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our milestone year. During 2015, HDCav strategically increased personnel and its technology infrastructure to better support our clients. HDCav acquired Pro-Action I.T. based in Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island, and inherited their office in Poulsbo. Additional staff was added during the year including: Matt Hadlock, Luke Lucas, Brandon Hansen, Armand Cote, and Sarah Dennica Bingham. We hear that you are all enjoying working with them as much as we enjoy having them on our team. Read More button

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