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The Holidays Don’t Always Bring Joy to Small Business Owners

b2ap3_thumbnail_pout400.jpgFor most small business owners, your average week includes several moments where you look at your expense sheet and search for ways to cut costs and improve the profitability, and thus, the sustainability of your company. Around the holidays, when business picks up for everyone, some small businesses run into problems that stunt their net profitability. The inability to spend the money that larger companies can, will often result in handcuffing a business' ability to compete.

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'Ellio! Can I bye o' Ofsistance?

b2ap3_thumbnail_helpdesk400.jpgHow does it make you feel having to call IT support? If you've never talked with one of our IT technicians, then you may think of the stereotypical scenario of dealing with an incoherent foreigner and dread making the call. We feel IT Support should be quick, easy, and resolve the problem, not test the limits of your patience.

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By the Numbers: A Look at The Cost of Downtime

b2ap3_thumbnail_bleh400.jpgIf your business has never experienced a major computer problem, then it's easy to underestimate just how damaging downtime can be. This conclusion can be drawn from a recent survey of small business owners, where 65% estimated they would only lose $500 if their company's network went down for a day. In reality, downtime is much more costly than $500.

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When Outsourcing is a Good Thing

b2ap3_thumbnail_outsource400.jpgOutsourcing jobs is never a safe topic to bring up in a group discussion. If you mention "outsourcing," be prepared to hear nationalistic rhetoric followed by, "They took our jobs!" When outsourcing is done right, it can save your business money, and when you outsource IT services with us, you can rest easy knowing where the work is going.

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How Hosted VoIP Can Save the Day!

b2ap3_thumbnail_voip400.jpgWhen a major storm slams into your business and knocks out power, who are you going to call for help? If your communication system is hosted on your in-house IT infrastructure, then you won't be able to call anybody because your phones will be down. This also means your customers won't be able to call you for help.

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