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The Holidays Don’t Always Bring Joy to Small Business Owners

b2ap3_thumbnail_pout400.jpgFor most small business owners, your average week includes several moments where you look at your expense sheet and search for ways to cut costs and improve the profitability, and thus, the sustainability of your company. Around the holidays, when business picks up for everyone, some small businesses run into problems that stunt their net profitability. The inability to spend the money that larger companies can, will often result in handcuffing a business' ability to compete.

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When Negative Customer Feedback Can Help Your Business

b2ap3_thumbnail_troll400.jpgAs a business owner, your business is your baby. Therefore, it's easy to take it personally when a customer says something negative about your company. It feels kind of like a stranger calling your newborn baby ugly. Don't overreact to negative opinions by overhauling your business model; you can actually use negative customer feedback to your advantage.

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5 Business Technology Trends

b2ap3_thumbnail_trends400.jpgIn a recent economics survey of small to medium-sized businesses by Oxford University, it was discovered that two-thirds of companies believe that technology is the key to transforming their business in order to "achieve longevity and sustainable growth." This survey reveals a lot about how businesses worldwide feel about technology. Does your business identify with any these trends?

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Big Business Solutions for the Small Guy

b2ap3_thumbnail_bigbusiness400.jpgEverything feels extra difficult for small businesses. Technology makes things easier; yet technology costs money, and the lack of money tends to be at the root of every problem for businesses of all sizes. Big businesses can afford the best technology, which is one reason they do so well. We level the playing field by making big business solutions affordable.

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Wouldn't You Like More Sales?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Question-Marking-Sales.jpgSales and marketing representatives have a common goal: to 'tie down' the next sale. Harvey Mackay, a six-time New York Times Bestselling author, suggests employing 'tie down' phrases to nudge customers into a sales decision. Tie downs are short questions like 'wouldn't you?' and 'shouldn't we?' Tie down questions have 'yes' or 'no' answers – with 'yes' being the ideal answer.

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